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Other Crops

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Other Crops

Discover various high-value-added hydroponic crops

We are trying to develop various high-value-added hydroponics crop recipe in order to secure a stable revenue for farms that have introduced Smart agriculture.



Although demand for this crop always bigger than the global supply, its cultivation is so difficult that it is hard to find successful cases.
However, we are progressing cultivation according to fastidious growth characteristics utilizing the plant factory.

[Market Situation] Synthesized spice usually by mixing starch and colors in mustard is used in both domestic and overseas markets instead of using actual horseradish. Because the price is so high that only about 5% of Japanese restaurants actually use horseradish. Horseradish is very expensive throughout the world, and the demand increase is so fast that supply cannot meet the demand. (BBC report in 2014)

[Main Ingredients] Allyl Isothiocyanate
[Efficacy] Improvement of appetite, sterilization, insecticide, anti-oxidation, cancer suppression, inflammation prevention, freshness maintenance, etc.


Angelica, one of the most valuable medicinal herbs since ancient times, has been used as a herb for nourishing women's blood. Demand for the raw materials of many healthy foods for menopause has been increased.

[Market Situation] Current market price is formed in a fairly high range of 9,000 won per 600g. Because the crop is sensitive to temperature, it is considered as a recommendable crop for Smart Farm where temperature is freely adjustable

[Main Ingredients] Decursin, Decursinol
[Efficacy] Blood circulation, dementia prevention, constipation, skin care, improvement of appetite, pain relief, anti-cancer, brain cell protection, etc.


Deodeok / Bellflower

The medicinal herb name of Deodeok is “codonopsis lanceolata” and it is a medicinal plant commonly used as a food. Together with bellflower (platycodeon), it is specially effective for respiratory diseases such as cough, asthma, and phlegm, and is thus very popular for functional food.

[Market Situation]The older its consumers are the higher its preference. Both crops are commonly used for medicine and food to improve health.

[Main Ingredients] (Codonopsis Lanceolata) Saponin, Inulin, Phytoderin, etc. / (Bellflower) Saponin (Platycodin), Sterols, Inulin, Betulin
[Efficacy](codonopsis lanceolata) preventing bronchial trouble and angiosis, removal of fever, detoxification, etc. / (bellflower) preventing bronchial trouble, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol

Licorice / Astragalus Root

Both are leguminous crops most commonly used medicinal herbs, have tall stems and long roots. Currently, most of the distribution in the domestic market accounted for imported products, but this company is promoting localized cultivation with Smart Farm using patented ports.

[Market Situation] (Licorice) domestic annual consumption is about 10,000 tons, but highly relies on imported products as domestic production is 306 tons (2017) that covers only 3% of the consumption.
((Astragalus root) Production farms have many difficulties because of wet injury, perennial production skills, and harvest.

[Main Ingredients] (Licorice) Glycyrrhizinate, etc. / (astragalus root) Astragalosides, etc.
[Efficacy] (licorice) Anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, immune function improvement, reflux esophagitis, stomach problem / (astragalus root) anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory