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Crop Protective Agents

We are developing microorganism products to protect crops and enhance storage.

Crop Protective Agents

Development of microorganism products to improve productivity and enhance storage of crops

Agriculture utilizing microorganism product means a way of utilizing useful microorganism existing
in the nature instead of existing chemical pesticide for productivity improvement and storage enhancement.


Microorganism products have been used in the agricultural field to enhance pathogen resistance, growth, and crop immunity function.

As a biological method to improve crop productivity, microorganism products are being utilized variously to reduce harmful microorganisms, expedite crop growing, improve quality, reduce disease and insect pest, and enhance storage properties through antibacterial substances or enzymes. Of many microorganisms existing in nature, the products are based on over 80 types of useful microorganisms (EM, effective microorganisms) including photosynthetic bacteria, yeast fungus, lactobacillus, and actinomycete. Because there is no need to worry about accumulation of pesticide or emergence of resistant bacteria, the importance of microorganism products has been highlighted in environmentally friendly agriculture.

Microorganism products are the future hope of environmentally friendly agriculture.

As demand for safe foods is increasing worldwide and recognition of the need for environmental preservation is spreading, an activation plan for environmentally friendly agriculture is required and microorganism research & development for bio fertilizer is performed rapidly both in Korea and abroad. The scale of the global agricultural microorganism market is 3.5 billion dollars (3.8 trillion won) in 2019, which is expected to grow by 18.6% on annual average up to US.2 billion (9.06 trillion won) in 2024. For Korea, it is necessary to discover microorganism resources suitable to the domestic environment and develop environmentally friendly microorganism products.


DK-Ecofarm is developing and researching useful microorganism products.

DK-Ecofarm uses strains derived from traditional foods to develop useful microorganism products.
We secured strains having resistance against putrefactive bacteria through many replacement cultures with mold using these strains, and are now developing test products through the course of cultivation condition setting and converting to medicine.

Descriptions of the picture: In the results of replacement cultures with useful microorganism candidates: R. solani known to cause rhizoctonia solani in ginseng; B.
cinerea known to cause gray mold rot; and F. solani known to cause root rot of panax, effective antibacterial activity were found and they are expected to be suitable microorganisms
for storing ginseng and preventing diseases.